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Pergola Roof Blinds

Pergola Roof / July 1, 2019

Melbourne Shade Systems offers a complete range of sun protection or pergolas to suit all types of patios and outdoor decking areas. These blinds can cover large areas and retract back into their own stylish stack, giving your living space an elegant and contemporary look. Whether it’s for a restaurant, deck, courtyard or patio, you’ll find a model in our range of outdoor pergola blinds to suit your specific application.

Pergola sun roofs provide stylish architectural coverings to outdoor living areas. You’ll enjoy versatile control over shading and sun protection. Uniquely designed by European engineering, these blinds are perfectly suited to the harsh Australian climate. Pergola sun roof blinds are usually operated through motorisation, but some models are only available with manual cord operation. Whether they’re opening or closing, the glide tracks enable smooth, easy and seamless execution.

With a range of fabrics to choose from including shade screen and acrylic canvas, you’ll find the perfect combination to suit your needs. Explore our variety of patterns, colours and designs to give your pergola the look that you want.