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Pergola Kits / August 7, 2020

I had a terrible experience with a recent (attempted) Home Depot purchase. Here's the background: I purchased a Chamberlain HD210 Chain Drive Horse Power Motor + 8 extension kit = installation online at I made the purchase on Sunday, November 8, 2015. I paid $295.00. By Friday, November 14, no one had contacted me so I called 1-877-526-2050. The person I spoke to told me that the installation company, Arrow, was closed for the day and I was promised a call from Arrow on Monday, November 16.

I went to gather my email receipt for my store visit, when I realized the receipt I received did not contain an order number, purchase dollar amount or purchase product detail. This receipt was sent from I went to and was unable to see this purchase in my online order history. However, I did see the $295 charge to my credit card. I went to the store. I visited my local home depot on Miller Road in Wilmington, Delaware on Sunday, November 22.

I went to the customer service desk where the attendant had me call the customer service number since I didn't have an itemized receipt. I called 1-877-526-2050 but the service center was closed. Eventually, the agent was able to find my order in the Home Depot system. While she was able to find my order, she could not complete the return. I was told to check back with her before I left the store.

From there, I went to the installation services desk. I found the Chamberlain opener that I wanted to purchase, but there were no extension kits in stock for a chain-drive opener. I was told not to worry; I could probably purchase the extension kit from the installer directly. Unfortunately, the salesperson could not figure out how to complete the purchase with installation. After almost an hour, I left empty handed.

On my way out, I stopped by the customer service desk where I was told that my return still hasn't been processed. I was told to call on Monday because the manager(?) was required to complete the return process. When I got home, I realized that I received another welcome email from the Home Depot. As usual, there were no order details in the order and I could not find any evidence of my order online. At this point, I was worried that I was charged twice.

I called my local Home Depot store on Tuesday, November 24. I spoke with ** who assured me that he had processed the return. I checked my credit card on Wednesday, and I was able to see that my purchase was refunded in full. I ended up purchasing a unit at my local Sears. The installation company called me on the next business day and I was able to schedule my installation a day after.

Home Depot really needs to fix these issues: 1. Home Depot shouldn't be selling items that are on backorder if they can't fulfill them. 2. If the item I purchased was backordered, Home Depot shouldn't have charged my credit card until the item was actually processed. 3. Someone should have called me within the quoted time period (3 days), especially since there was a problem with my order.

4. It should not have taken me three separate phone calls to figure out that there was an issue with my order. 5. Home Depot should have sent me an itemized receipt. 6. Home Depot shouldn't have sent me a welcome email for my unsuccessful in-store order. 7. Home Depot should provide online access to order history for purchases made through installation partners (