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Taylor Retractable Shade Pergola

Constructing A Pergola / August 2, 2021

What materials do you use to make your retractable awning?

Our awning hardware and frames come in durable and extra strong powder-coated frames assuring you of long-lasting service. One of the goals of Taylor Made is to offer you quality and reliable products that will serve you for quite a number of years. To achieve this we use several materials. The Arm, Front Bar, Arm Support, Hood, and Roller are made from aluminum. The Ceiling brackets, Roof Brackets, Hood Brackets, Mounting Bar, Wall Brackets, and Crank are manufactured from steel. PVC coated steel is used to make the tension cables found in the arms. The fabric is made by Sunbrella.

Is it possible to extend the retractable awning partially?

Yes! In fact, this is one the most asked questions. It is possible to extend the awning only part way. An awning partially extended is usually much stronger than one which is fully extended. Our motorized units allow you to extend it as per your desires and needs. To get the right size, we always request our customers to make known to us what their desired extension is.

In what available patterns and color ranges are your retractable awnings?

Retractable awnings from Taylor Made are available with Sunbrella fabric for outdoor as well as Ultima materials. There are 160 stripped and solid patterns to choose from. To find out more about the various colors and patterns available, kindly visit our website.

I noticed your awning sizes are limited between 10 and 18 feet, why is this so?

Well, it is true that our awnings fall between 10 and 18 feet. First, we noticed that the majority of the customers ordered awnings that fell in-between the range. Secondly, we decided to pre-assemble the common sizes as a way of shortening the ordering time. Normally, other manufacturers will require at least 6 to 8 weeks to have a product ready. In our case, we can deliver within 1 to 2 weeks. In the end, you not only save on time but cost as well.

With the various sizes, you can combine different awnings to match the task at hand. In fact, it is more convenient and economical to use several awnings that come in different sizes rather than one accessory.

Is it difficult to install a retractable awning from Taylor Made?

Installing a retractable awning is quite easy. All you need is a little spare time, some basic tools and a ladder. With the help of a friend, you'll be able to install the awning in an afternoon. First you need to locate the studs that will be found in the mounting wall. Secondly, you will identify the mounting brackets. After confirming that they are level or flat, you simply place the awning on the brackets. Some fine tuning or adjustment may be needed to make it right. All these procedures are contained in our step-by-step instructional manual. You can also visit us online and get more handy tips on how to go about it.

In case you opt for the motorized type, it is strongly suggested to seek assistance from a competent electrician. He will be able to connect the motor to the electrical circuit after you have installed the awning.

Can I be given samples for the fabric?

Yes you can! We usually provide prospective customers with samples of the fabric for them to make a well-informed decision. Simply contact our customer care representatives via email or phone, and we will be happy to send you the various samples that range in color, density, as well as fabric.

Source: www.taylormadeawning.com