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Pictures of a Pergola

Constructing A Pergola / August 29, 2021

Just a few feet from the outdoor patio, this private gathering spot is surrounded by various native plants to provide a cool and tranquil spot to escape.

Outdoor Seating in Pergola

The Going Yard team designed outdoor seating with built-in benches and stylish all-weather cushions.

Colorful Outdoor Pillows

A collection of colorful pillows upholstered in weatherproof fabrics invite family and friends to kick back and enjoy the water views after a long day in the Florida heat.

Located on five acres of property alongside Lake Hamilton, there is plenty of room to entertain and take advantage of the many outdoor spaces.

Fire Pit with Pergola and Dock

A curvy pathway leads to the cozy fire pit located a few feet away.

Red Cushion on Outdoor Chair

Four gray chairs carve out a gathering area and bright red pillows provide comfort and a pop of color.

Outdoor Seating

The furniture collection is both durable and stylish, designed to withstand afternoon showers and the Florida sun.

Stacking firewood around the perimeter of the fire pit is a clever and convenient storage idea. "If your fire is starting to weaken, all you have to do is grab a piece of wood and throw it in, " says project manager Dylan Eastman.

During the Blog Cabin's People Choice voting period, online voters selected a raised metal fire pit design. Inspired by salvaged style, the home's original furnace grate is brought back to life as a grill top for the fire pit.

Blue and White Pillow on Outdoor Chair

Pillows with classic blue and white stripe patterns offer preppy outdoor style.

Pergola and Fire Pit

A pea gravel pathway connects the outdoor spaces. "We wanted for people to be able to take off their shoes and walk around, " says Dylan "Pea gravel is soft on the foot."

Low Angle from Fire Pit

Complete with two intimate lounging areas, the backyard provides a peaceful haven for guests to relax.

Interior of Pergola Vertical

White paper lanterns hang above the bench seat, offering a subtle glow when the sun sets.

Hanging Plants in Pergola

A living wall of plants cools the space and provides additional shade.

"These plants have grown a lot, " says Dylan. "Overtime these plants and the ornamental sweet potatoes will continue to drape the wall."

Connected to the home's irrigation system, pergola plant life is watered twice a day. "When one box drips, it drips into the plant box below to conserve water use, " says Dylan.

Pergola beams are fashioned from cedar wood to create a shaded structure supported by two living walls.

Paper Lanterns

DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2014

Interior of Pergola

This private sanctuary emulates vibrant colors found throughout the interiors of the home.

Electric blue Lithodoras nestle next to a pair of palm trees.

A vintage-style watering can adds a modest touch of rustic elegance.

Outdoor Seating with Palm Trees

Lofty palm trees and thoughtful landscape design frames this outdoor living area, while the pergola plants offer visual interest and privacy to the sitting area.

Fire Pit and House from Pergola

Ripe for outdoor entertaining, a staircase from the back door leads to the curvy cobblestone-paved patio and casual gathering areas that take advantage of water views.

Prairie-style windows cover the backside of the home to highlight the picturesque views of the lake from the inside. "The back of the house is the showcase of the lake living, " says Dylan Eastman, "working on the outside and inside spaces of the home, we wanted to create a way where they both could shine."