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Pergola with Screen

Constructing A Pergola / May 13, 2021

Patio pergola screen

Pergola Screen Curtains

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Our custom-made Pergola Screens are made from a marine grade quality mosquito netting and bound with a sturdy perimeter webbing, Black Curtains are solution dyed for most robust fade resistance. We also offer white and cream colored curtains. Our netting is far stronger that cheap quality netting found on home improvement aluminum pergolas and made to LAST. We offer mosquito, no-see-um, and shade mesh types. For those looking to really have fun, we also have a projection screen material for family movies outdoors.

Interchangeable Clear Vinyl Winter Panels

DIY screen for pergola You can seasonally remove Mosquito Curtains and create a warm space in winter time. Unfortunately clear vinyl is not well suited for roof panels and they are not an option we offer. However it may be an advantage to have an open roof to vent a small portable fire pit while keeping the brisk wind away.

Clear vinyl panels use the same fasteners and with our marine snap tool, you are able to position your own snaps to make summer and winter curtains interchangeable.

Pergola Types

If you already have a pergola, we'll try to work with what you have though some pergolas are much easier than others and some are just plain impossible. Pergolas and arbors have tops open to the sky, while pavilions have hard top roofs. If you are planning a pergola, give us a call so we can help make sure whatever you make is compatible with our curtains.Pergolas With Continuous Roof Perimeter | Perfectly Flat Top (Easy)
This design is simple to configure as there are no protruding rafters and the perimeter for the roof panel is more or less the same perimeter frame used to hang the wall panels. Notice we aren't even concerned that the shape of the roof panel will be non-rectangular. We can cut that! All our eyes look for are nice clear paths and no gaps. The roof panel secures on top and the wall panels hang from the outside of the perimeter fascia board. If you are haven't yet built your pergola, this type is very compatible with Mosquito Netting Curtains. Rafters Stacked on Top of Header | Rafter Gaps (Not Easy)
While this is a very traditional style for pergolas, it is harder to do.keep rain off pergola Notice that the rafters are on top of the header. A roof panel on top of the rafters and wall panels hanging beneath the beams create what we call little rafter gaps. While we have ideas for rafter gaps involving little panel-ettes, it is less than optimal.

Do I really need a Roof Panel?

Mosquitoes are D-U-M-B. We emit a combination of chemicals that attract mosquitoes that vector directly towards the scent we emit. When they reach a barrier, they tend to bounce and bounce but not move laterally in search of gaps. The taller your structure, the less likely mosquitoes are to wander up and over the net. However, you never know. There are many species with different behaviors and you may live where there are unusual air currents that blow them up and over. Quite often we'll tell clients to hold off on a roof panel which they can always purchase later, however, before buying a curtain, you DEFINITELY want to have a back up plan for a roof panel BEFORE you discover you are in the "unlucky club" or will not attach to your liking.
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