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Pergola Trellis Plans

Constructing A Pergola / September 16, 2021

Outdoor landscaping can improve the value of your home by as much as 20%. What’s more, it can make your outdoor spaces feel like an extension of your home. When you want to make outdoor areas feel more like livable space, cedar structures like arbor gates, gables, trellises, pergolas, and even cabanas can do just that.

Arbor Gates, Gables, and Archways

An arbor gable or archway is a decorative structure that is designed to signify the entrance to a separate area of your yard. For example, you might use an arbor gable or archway as an entrance point for your outdoor garden, your trellised porch, or even your pool area. Gates are optional, but they do afford more privacy and security than non-gated options.


Trellises can beautify your space and add more functionality to your outdoor landscaping. For example, a cedar trellis can make a fantastic decoration for windowless walls; they give ivies and other climbing plants a framework upon which to grow, as well. For example, you could choose cedar trellis screens as privacy walls for your patio area. As the ivy or other plants grow throughout the year, you’ll have a real living wall that is as functional as it is beautiful.


A pergola is much like a gazebo in that it offers a shaded sitting area, but whereas a gazebo is typically constructed of solid wood planks, a pergola has a sturdy open lattice through which plants like woody vines can grow. It’s like adding a living structure to your garden, and as the months go by, the pergola becomes even more beautiful.


A cabana is a shelter or cabin that is typically found at a beach or pool. Most people use a cabana to escape the heat of the sun, and this structure can make a beautiful addition to your outdoor landscaping, as well. A cabana can be small or large and, like a pergola, may include some latticework that will support woody vines. Cabanas are incredibly popular in large gardens, near outdoor pools, or even just off of a porch or to the side of a patio as a place to enjoy an outdoor meal.

The gallery on this page shows some of the cedar structures we’ve helped our clients create in the past, including finished arbor arches and gates as well as entire walls made from trellises. The design possibilities are truly endless, so if you’re interested in landscaping with cedar, conduct the professionals at Elan today.