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Pergola Drapes

Constructing A Pergola / April 10, 2019

I really wanted the back deck to have the feeling of a comfortable room. It needed a shade source, and I wanted to create an intimate and private setting, if desired. Drapes were the perfect solution.

deck 1

But how do you hang drapes from a pergola? I was worried about the durability of regular curtain rods, and where would I find one that looooong? I needed to think outside the box, so I started walking the isles at Home Depot for inspiration.

My first thought was a really strong wire, strung across the beams to hang the drapes. I nixed that idea as soon as I walked down the sprinkler idea and a light went off. Galvanized pipe was the perfect solution.

It’s relatively inexpensive, it’s durable, rust proof, and had exactly the industrial look I was going for. And the attachment possibilities were endless! I started making plans and they turned out even better than I had hoped! I also found the material for the drapes at Home Depot, and it was super cheap. Here’s exactly how we made galvanized pipe curtain rods and drop cloth drapes. (video/editing by James Young, and I did some shooting as well)

A bit more information:

I didn’t do anything to treat the fabric. We’ve had multiple rain storms and the drop cloths have held up beautifully. I tied them back with twine.

I definitely think you could use galvanized piping for indoor curtain rods. I think they would be awesome in a playroom or boy’s room for that industrial look and feel.