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Snow and lawn

Pergola Roof / October 1, 2020

Growing a lawn in the country is not so easy. If you did everything right and your lawn turned out to be what you need, now you just have to keep it in its original form so that in spring you do not find the spoiled grass under the dense snow, which will eventually have to be rehabilitated.

If you leave the cottage for all three winter months and do not return here, you do not need to do anything. However, if you live in a private house or summer cottage - this is the place where you come for all weekends, regardless of the time of year, it is worth knowing how to handle snow on your lawn during this time of the year.

If you constantly live outside the city or often come to your house in winter, it makes sense to clean the paths with the help of Snow Plowing. Consider the width of the tracks and the size of the site. For manual snow removal (with a shovel or a broom), the width of the tracks does not matter, but for a passage with a manual (non-self-propelled) snow blower, it must be at least 80 cm - that corresponds to the width of the unit. For a rider (garden mini-tractor) to pass, a path at least 1.2 m wide will be required (depending on the model). Why are we talking about track width while having lawn care? Because shrubs can grow along them, which can be accidentally broken.

When choosing a technique, think in advance where it will stand until next winter. If the rider can work in the summer, as a lawn mower or as a cargo carrier (if the components are available), then the manual snow blower needs to be preserved and stored. Therefore, it is best to contact specialists who will remove the snow efficiently and quickly and will take care of your site. When cleaning paths, the creation of large snowdrifts from packed snow is avoided, it is distributed more evenly, and large hard pieces are folded separately.

Image by Margaret Martin from Pixabay