Best product for clear Pergola roof? Lexan,Polycarbonate,FPR

Pergola Roof Clear

Pergola Roof / February 19, 2016

Pergolas transform your outdoors into living spaces.

  1. Timber pergolas : ideal for open-air space, especially with climbing or trailing plants to help provide some weather protection.
  2. Covered timber pergolas : clear, corrugated plastic is a common covering install on top of pergolas to provide rain protection. The clear plastic can cause the area underneath the pergola to become very hot in our summer climate, and is often not comfortable for a living space.
  3. high-tensile steel framed units are a cost-effective and attractive option when looking at outdoor roof coverings. They are covered in high-gloss powder-coated colours, which reflect light well and keep the area beneath cooler at the same time. They can also have translucent roof panels installed to let natural light through during the day.
  4. electronically controlled louvres that open to your desired position. Complete with rain sensors, control panel and remote for the ultimate outdoor comfort.
Now take a closer looks at some of the products in our range :

Things to Consider:

  1. Any roof over 20m² requires council consent. The costs for this include council application fees, draughtsman and possibly engineering. (Please note that most Stratco roofs are pre-engineered within existing span table limitations).
  1. When deciding to get a new outdoor roof it is important to consider what you might use it for in the future. If you intend to have blinds, lighting, or any other accessories installed at a later date, it may affect the way it needs to be installed. Let the technical representative that comes to do your site measure know, so that they can plan to have it installed in a way that makes it easier for any future additions.