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Pergola Attached to House Roof

Pergola Roof / March 6, 2017

A peaked top arbor
This arbor is a solid construction with 100x100 (4x4) posts concreted into the ground, 100x50 (2x4) rafters, 50x50 (2x2) roof frame members and 50x50 (2x2) laths.
The pitch (angle, slope) of the rafters (off horizontal) is 45°. Go To >>

An entry arbor
1500mm (5ft) x 1500mm (5ft). A very sturdy entry arbor constructed of 100mm x100mm (4"x 4") posts concreted into the ground, 200mm x100mm (4"x 8") beams checked and bolted to the posts and 100mm x 50mm (2"x 4") rafters fixed to the beams. Plans, pictures and instructions. Go To >>

Walk-through Garden Pergola
A lumber walk through garden pergola 3600mm (12ft) long by 1000mm (44") wide. Good plans and instructions and setting-out detail.
The measurements are given in both metric and imperial. Go To >>

A garden pergola or arbor
3600mm (12ft) long by 1000mm (44") wide. A step-by-step explanation of how Tim Johns constructed a free standing garden pergola from a Buildeazy free plan. Lots of photos. Go To >>

Box Pergola
2400mm (8ft) wide by 4300mm (14' 4") long. A solid pergola fixed to the wall of a house. Plans, pictures and instructions.
This pergola is called the 'box' pergola because it is built with rows of solid blockings/nogs between the rafters forming rows of oblong boxes. Go To >>

Lean-to Pergola
9m (30ft) long x 2.4m (8ft) wide pergola attached to a house. This pergola has a pvc/polycarbonate type roof.