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Gable Roof Pergola Plans

Pergola Roof / February 23, 2019

Gabled roof is sometimes called a pitched roof and can be planned and designed for pergolas or verandahs. These look beautiful and at certain angles, provide greater shade than flat roofs. A pitched or double pitched gable roof can look fantastic and add character to your home.

When designing and building a gable roof verandah we use the latest Australian made Colourbond roofing that gives you the maximum shade and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which in turn make your outdoor structure a cooler area in summer. Colorbond roofs come in a great variety of colours to match your house.

Another option is using or incorporating polycarbonate (laserlite) roofing. This lets light in while still blocking harmful UV rays. Polycarbonate (laserlite)
roofs provide different shading to suit your style of verandah or pergola.

Then you can always go for the classic favorite, a tiled roof to match the styling of your house design.

If you want open and breezy, a pitched gable roof pergola design allows the wind and heat in, while incorporating a shaded area to enjoy the outdoors adding pizzazz to your house.

We are experienced in building all types of colorbond, polycarbonate (laserlite) and tiled pitched roof verandahs. If it is an open roof pergola you are after, be assured we have built lots of quality outdoor spaces for houses, so just relax and let our builders turn your ideas into your perfect outdoor area.

Don't forget that Mr Verandah has over 20 years experience in roofing for pergola's and verandah's, including colorbond, polycarbonate (laserlite), tiled and open flat roofs and are on time and budget always.