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White Vinyl Pergola Kit

Pergola Kits / July 20, 2017

When you want your dreams to last there is only one solution that will endure the test of time. More homeowners are discovering that vinyl pergolas are the smart alternative to wood. We manufacture all of our products by molding premium, hi-grade polymers around traditional structural elements to create the classic look of wood without the traditional maintenance.

In other words, you get the classic look of wood without the headaches. Just the occasional rinse with a garden hose is all you need to do to keep your vinyl pergola looking great, and we back it all up with a 20-year warranty.

Like Wood, Only Better.

Standing Up To Mother Nature
While wood can rot and warp, Vinyl Pergolas maintain their good looks year after year. Our vinyl pergolas won’t crack, rot or delaminate - a promise the manufacturer backs up with a 20-year warranty.

A Traditional Problem
Traditional architectural styles are timeless. Unfortunately, traditional construction materials like wood don’t often stand a chance against severe weather, temperature extremes and destructive insects. If they do last, it’s your hard labor keeping them looking that way.

Combining Vintage Beauty with Hi-Tech Performance
You would never guess the beautiful products illustrated in this website were not hand-made by a master craftsman. Our products are manufactured by molding premium high-grade polyvinyl and polyethylene around modern structural elements to provide long-lasting beauty, durability and quality.

The Original. The Leader. The one to look for.
When you offer a better product, people take notice. So it’s no surprise that we have been recognized by industry professionals as one of today’s finest vinyl pergola products. Whether you’re seeking a subtle accent or a bold centerpiece, you’ll find in our products classic design and durability without equal. So go ahead, bring your vision to life, and say something about your excellent taste in design by giving your home the natural-looking pergola you can be proud of for years to come.

Imagine the Freedom
Imagine the freedom of almost maintain-free pergola. No painting, no treating, no sealing… just enjoying, enjoying, enjoying. Unlike wood, Vinyl Pergolas keep their good looks year after year with just an occasional rinse with a garden hose. That’s the real beauty of the entire family of products from New England Pergolas. We guarantee it.

Compared to Cedar and Metal
We believe that you only get out what you put in. That’s why we start with only the highest quality vinyl resin. Then specify additives to improve its weatherability. And finally we design our Pergolas to meet our exacting structural standards. In other words, we put a bit of ourselves in every one of our products. Because we know how it feels to admire that beautiful new pergola. And we want our customers to be proud, every day, for a long time to come. And we won’t let you down.

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