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Pergola Kits / January 15, 2020

Top 5 Outdoor Living IdeasResearch across the world reports that outdoor play is fundamental to childhood health and well-being. Families that spend time together bush-walking, swimming at the beach, gardening, and playing outdoors decrease the chances of behavioural disorders, childhood obesity, and depression. Australians enjoy the advantages of being able to spend most of the year outdoors. There are many ways to get outdoors and enjoy the season.

Backyard Pergolas

After a long day, having an airy, enjoyable backyard area can bring the whole family together. Pergolas are a great outdoor area for fireplaces, seating areas, and even an outdoor television for family movie night. Home owners can create the perfect place to have a cooking area and seating area for family gatherings by building a pre-made pergola. A pergola can also serve to protect outdoor furniture and cooking areas, and to help keep guests warmer in winter and cooler in summer. A modern pergola kit can easily be purchased through eBay in Australia. Concerned parents can model the love of outdoors by having family sleep-outs under a pergola, in the backyard under the stars.

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Backyard Gardening

Home owners who are planning on building a backyard garden should make sure these essentials are available:

Water and Watering Supplies

An essential requirement for gardening is a watering hose to ensure a newly planted garden gets water regularly. A retractable garden hose will not only keep the garden neat and tidy, it will also be flexible enough to reach around all garden areas, then quickly roll up into a free standing or wall-mounted casing.

Gardening Tools

Shovels, rakes, and pick axes for hard soil will help gardeners loosen the ground in the area where planting will take place. Mulch, natural insect repellent, and fertiliser are needed for garden health. Home owners can make natural mulch by using either torn up newspaper or pine needles and dried leaves, or by purchasing mulch from a gardening supply store. Even small pebbles can protect plant roots from direct sun and keep moisture around plants.

Growing Support

Once plants start growing, they will need supports. For example, beans will need poles, climbing roses will need a trellis, and sweet pea pods like to poke their pods through small chicken wire. Heavier yields such as tomatoes need support so the weight of the fruit doesn’t bend plants to the ground.

Swimming Pools and Spas

Although installing a built-in pool or spa is more costly than other outdoor ideas, it is a sure way for parents to get their children to bring friends home for outdoor recreation. It guarantees that kids will prefer to spend more time outdoors. Swimming is fun and an easy exercise to do while cooling off in hot weather. It is also a social activity that keeps friends returning day after day. This works well for parents who want to know who their children’s friends are.

Outdoor Hiking and Exploring

Parents can take their family on weekend hiking trips into the bush, to the beach, or wildlife watching. There are endless things to learn in the natural outdoor spaces of Australia. Kids are inquisitive and will want to talk about everything they see. Parents who bond with their children at a young age have more opportunities to guide them as they get older.
If children learn to love the outdoors at a young age, they will continue these activities as grown-ups. Parents can invite other families to join the trips to add interest and share in the adventures. Friends always make family outings more fun for kids.

Fishing and Camping Trips

Families can make weekends into special family hobby excursions. An inexpensive boat – either purchased or rented – can be the setting for family fun in the form of camping, cooking, and even sleeping out under the stars. Kids love watching the wildlife, telling scary stories by the fire, and jumping in the local waterhole while swinging from a rope. Parents can create opportunities for children to explore and take small risks while camping and fishing. This is an inexpensive adventure that will create life long memories for an entire family.

Buy Tools for Outdoor Living On eBay

There are wonderful items available for sale at great savings for backyard pergola kits, gardening tools, seeds and plants, swimming pools and supplies, hiking boots and gear, fishing and camping gear, and even used boats. Family fun doesn’t have to be expensive, and using eBay will help keep families on budget. Buyers should search under home and garden, then narrow down their search to find exactly what they need to complete their outdoor living space. Shoppers should be sure to check the feedback and rating before purchasing anything from a particular seller.

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