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Decking and Pergola Kit

Pergola Kits / November 16, 2018

A Cedar Pergola Provides Style and Class To Any Outdoor Space

A cedar pergola provides classic style to any outdoor living space, while providing shade and a beautiful area for family and friends to gather. Cedar pergolas also add value to your home, as they add usable living space to your patio, and front or backyard.

Pergolas are often beautiful on their own, but with cedar pergolas they can also turn a patio into a charming garden space by intertwining pergola beams with flowers, hanging plants and vines, patio lights, even wind chimes.

Cedar Is the Best Choice For Wood Pergolas

Cedar makes the perfect material for wood pergolas for a number of reasons. Let's take a look at a few.

Cedar is Durable and Environmentally Sustainable

Cedar is naturally resistant to dry rot, decay, and insect infestation. Cedar is a renewable and without being treated with chemicals will last for many years.

Cedar is Versatile

Cedar is pitch free, so it can hold a range of finishes—including stains, solid shades, and semi-transparent—at greater intensity than other woods. Cedar pergolas can also come in a range of dimensions, textures, and grades, and can be designed to look and feel any way you choose.

Cedar Has a Natural, Classic Appearance

Cedar has a beauty that is timeless and unmatchable. Cedar pergolas, no matter the stain or finish, will inherently appear rich, toned, and natural. Cedar is perfect for transitioning the style and décor from your home to your exterior living space. It's no surprise that cedar is sought by top designers and cutting-edge architects as the wood of choice when designing interior and exterior structures.

Our Cedar Pergolas Are Made From the Highest Quality Cedar

At Rick's, our cedar pergolas are constructed from the finest cedar, and are among the highest-quality wood pergolas available. Our experienced designers will assist you in finding the style that works best for your décor, and our professional installation team will install your pergola quickly and efficiently. In addition, we also offer cedar pergola kits for DIY homeowners who want to install their cedar pergola on their own.