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Affordable Pergola Kit

Pergola Kits / June 4, 2019

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You can opt to add a clear wood finish, which will help to make your pergola shine and protect it from the elements, adding years of life to it. There are also two main lattice types to choose from. The first lattice is the traditional, standard lattice, with a bit wider sized spacing between each piece of wood. The privacy lattice option is a lot more densely spaced and provides both shade and extra privacy. Buyers can choose from our smallest size wood pergola kit, which is an 8x8 size, all the way up to our largest sized kit, which is size 14 x 24. Knowing the cost of pergolas will allow you to buy the style you need to create the perfect outdoor space. At Alan's Factory Outlet, we offer competitive pergola pricing.

Pergolas, Pergola Kits, Amish PergolasWhen you purchase a pressure treated pine wood pergola kit from us, it comes with all of the necessary hardware for an easy installation process. The wood has been pressure treated and is already cut to specific sizes and shapes needed to easily put your new pergola together. You can install the pergola wherever you like in your back or front yard, as an addition to a deck, or even as a garden trellis to add flair to your outside plants. The pergola kit prices are competitive, and offer you an outstanding opportunity to change the look of your outdoor space dramatically at a low-cost. We work to keep the pergola cost low for you. Since they are so easy to put together, you'll have a wonderful addition to your backyard in no time at all, and family and friends will love to gather together to eat, socialize, and relax outside under your brand new pergola. No matter which size you choose, a wood pergola can make a dramatic and gorgeous difference to any outside living area that will provide many years of enjoyment.

At Alan's Factory Outlet, we make it easy to purchase your new pergola online. You may be surprised at our affordable pergola prices. We have many different sizes available because we understand that the cost of pergola options may influence your purchasing decision. We do offer competitive pergola pricing. When you are ready to add this design element to your backyard, call us to order your pergola today.

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