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Solar Pergola Design

Pergola Designs / May 20, 2017

WATTLOTS Power Pergola™
provides your home patio, pool, garden or driveway an elegant energy solution with optional emergency back-up power. Never be without power again with our integrated battery back-up system. When the power goes out, the system automatically switches your selected circuits over to the batteries to run your furnace, your television, your sump
pump, your refrigerator, charge your portable devices and light your home!

And unlike gas powered generators, Power Pergola’s are silent, require no dirty fuels, oil, or maintenance!

Imagine, an electrical power generator that enhances your back yard, prepares you for emergency power outages and pays you back even when you aren’t using it- all year round!

Like other WATTLOTS products, the Power Pergola utilizes the revolutionary design and technology of Litebeam™ linear AC modules which allows for extreme flexibility in design configurations and aesthetic superiority.

LiteBeams™ use today’s most reliable and efficient solar technology, silicon mono-crystalline cells, to provide the maximum output.

Patented, proprietary technology ♦ Kits range from 5 (1500w) LB285-AC modules to 12 (3500w) Designed and manufactured in the USA ♦ Electrical outlets A shaded space to lounge or park ♦ Video security cameras Designed specifically for maximum performance in temperate climates, unique design sheds snow and ice providing power throughout the winter ♦ LED accent lighting Noise and pollution free back up power source ♦ Electric vehicle charging Free solar energy from the sun ♦ Battery storage, transfer switch and charger A unique and creative way to “get your green on! ♦ 20 year warranty Maintenance free operation” ♦ UL approved contact: