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Constructing A Pergola / January 7, 2021

Polycarbonate Products

  • Custom Pergola Designs

    Our pergolas or gazebos are custom designed with your property in mind and our specialist team possesses the skills and expertise needed to build the structure exactly the way you have imagined it.

  • Quality Workmanship

    The aluminium that we use is durable and weatherproof, making it a perfect choice for humid environments where rust is a problem, whilst our steel is ideal for the harsh seasons experienced in Australia.

  • Range of Styles and Colours

    Our steel and aluminium frames are available in a range of styles and designs, so there is sure to be one that meets your particular need. Our finished structures form modern and stylish extensions for any home.

Keep the heat out and ensure that that your space is comfortable

Gallina’s new IR technology means that they can create polycarbonate products with an infrared filter only on the external surface. This blocks heat from penetrating the space and can reduce the temperature of your pergola by up to 25%. It could well be the coolest place in your home!

Pergola RoofingOur pergola roofing offers clean, uninterrupted views

As polycarbonate is such a lightweight material, our roofing can be erected without the use of battens. This means that you have uninterrupted views of the sky beyond and ensures that your outdoor space isn’t lined with unattractive shadows.

The great thing about straight, gabled and curved pergolas is that they extend the livable areas of your home or commercial property whilst maintaining an open view to all of the unique sights and sounds your property has to offer.

We are a premium provider of quality pergolas for residential and commercial properties in Melbourne – our work can be found in arbours, shaded walkways, passageways and outdoor sitting areas to name a few. Our comprehensive installation package incorporates the assistance of specialist designers and builders who will take care of everything, from drafting plans to securing any relevant building permits from local council.

We can also supply commercial pergola builders when required, ensuring that your school or business has access to comfortable outdoor areas. We can ensure plenty of natural sunlight without the added heat!