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Constructing A Pergola / January 11, 2017

Just like that, as if overnight, it’s 70 and sunny in Connecticut! Dust off your outdoor furniture, pour some rosé, and get in the mood for summer with a few of our favorite porches.

This home is situated on a sloping piece of land, so the porch is elevated, providing sweeping views of the Long Island Sound.

This beautiful outdoor space is part of the waterfront home pictured above. We often use pergolas, like the one shown here, to tie an exterior space to the rest of the home in a visually interesting way. Sometimes we break a tall facade to help give a sense of scale at the terrace level.

In this lakeside home, large French doors connect the interior living spaces to the porch. The limestone floor adds rustic warmth to the porch and distinguishes it from the bluestone patio.

We love that the lattice between the posts in the photo on the right allows potted summer plants to climb up to the pergola above (and we wouldn’t mind sitting around that fireplace in the background either).

Pergolas are excellent for creating a sense of space and scale. Sometimes we need to work around zoning codes that restrict the amount of roof area a home may have for its lot. Pergolas usually don’t count as “roof area, ” so we use them to define a porch space without using up our allotted square footage.

A versatile, elegant pergola creates an outdoor oasis ideal for reading in the sun, a long summer nap, or sunset cocktails with a view of the Sound.