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Constructing A Pergola / February 11, 2020

Unfortunately, due to the quakes we have lost many of our great chch works of carpentry. The Timber Chamber, a part of the Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings, the timber vestry at Holy Trinity Avonside… It is thoroughly sad, although we have noticed many fresh, new building works popping up in place of all that was lost.

Carpentry has been a field dominated by local workers until lately. In recent years there has been an influx of Filipino carpenters to Christchurch looking for a better future. Whichever carpenter you decide to hire we’re here to make the decision just that little bit easier for you.

A carpenter’s work

A carpenter is trained on the job to acquire his or his skills. The most qualified carpenters have years of on the job experience, as well as a National Certificate in Carpentry and membership to the Certified Builders Association.

Carpenters work usually with wood but are also known to work with other materials such as steel and concrete. Their purpose is to construct and maintain buildings and other similar structures. They can build pergolas, lay building foundations, build walls, ceilings and stairs and install porches, along with various other similar activities.

The works they perform may involve the use of various different power tools like a circular saw and an electric drill. Hand tools include hammers, chisels and speed squares.

Carpentry cost

The cost of hiring a carpenter in Christchurch sits at around $60 per hour. If you are doing major building work it is likely you will be able to get a good deal as they will spend a considerable amount of time on site.

Costs of materials can be talked over with your chosen carpenter. There are often various choices with different price points for each. Timber costs vary depending on what species of tree is used and whether the timber is finished or raw. Raw timber will need to be sealed, painted and/or tinted before or after installation.

Finding your carpenter

Unlike deciding on which materials you want to use for your job, finding a carpenter is easy. Builderscrack provides the website to let the carpenters find you.

Craft a post that outlines the job that needs doing, the approximate area, what materials you’re considering, the current state of the area, and the region that you live in.