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Pergola Ledger Board

Constructing A Pergola / October 7, 2016

The following steps describe how to build a large attached pergola.

Step 1

Attach a ledger board to the house using lag bolts.

Step 2

Use cross measurements to determine the proper location for two posts.

Step 3

Dig two post holes and fill them with cement. Immediately place two post holder brackets(anchors) in the wet cement, one in each cement footing. Make sure they are level and plum.

Step 4

When the cement footings are dry, attach a post to each of the two post holder brackets using large screws or small lag bolts.

Step 5

Attach two beams at the top of the posts so that the posts are 'sandwiched' between the beams. Use hex bolts or carriage bolts, washers, and nuts for this. Make sure the beams are level.

Step 6

Screw joist hangers to the ledger board.

Step 7

Screw hurricane tie brackets to the top of the beams.

Step 8

Install the rafters. Place one end of the rafter into the joist holder. The other end of the rafter should go through hurricane tie so that it sits on top of the beams. A short overhang is best. Screw the rafter in place. Do this for each rafter.