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Pergola Decorations

Constructing A Pergola / January 8, 2017

Glowing lanterns. Shimmering buckets. Twinkling spheres. Flickering ice. Warm your Christmas home with these four fresh ways to add holiday light. [MUSIC] A pergola or any outdoor structure, like an over hang or lamp post. Benefits from a bit of holiday handiwork. For lighting, run an imperfect outline around the pergola rather than wrapping the strands along the structure. This saves knotted headaches when christmas is over. Inside the pergola, solar powered fabric party lanterns sway gently with the wind. At two corners of the pergola we set pots of lighted fur. Trees. This adds visual heft to the base, and the pots and trees can weather any storm. Colorful buckets, snow, candles and glass hurricane globes look merry out in your yard. Pack brightly colored buckets with snow and push in a matching tapered candle. Add a glass hurricane over the candle. If you have dogs, young children or don't plan to monitor the flame. Opt for battery powered candles instead. If your climate doesn't offer snow for packing, sand works just as well. Light your walkways with a fresh, icy take on luminaries. All it takes is water and a snowball shaped ice mold, available for purchase online, to create these flickering candle holders. Group the spheres in twos and threes, as a lighted beacon headed towards your front door. You'll need to nestle them in snow or a bit of sand to ensure they don't roll away. Grape vine spheres offer even easier light up effects, you can find pre-lit grape vines or you can wrap a strand of battery-powered mini-lights around a standard grape vine sphere. [MUSIC] These pretty ideas come together for a dazzling Christmas display that goes way beyond a string of lights.

Source: www.bhg.com