Triangle Pergola With Chair And Cushion And White Color Pergola

Modern Outdoor Pergolas

Constructing A Pergola / December 29, 2020

Backyard With Modern Pool, Pergola and Fireplace

All the elements of an outdoor retreat, this poolside patio has a place for sun, shade, warmth on a cool night, and a spot to share meals with family and friends.

Modern Swimming Pool and Pergola

This poolside space was created for both daytime and nighttime enjoyment. At nighttime the pergola and pool are illuminated with lights and a stunning gas fireplace. Rain or shine, the pergola patio is a retreat for guests of all ages.

Modern Pergola Patio Space

This modern space allows easy entertaining with a flat-screen TV concealed in the island. A retreat for guests of all ages, the indoor-outdoor patio is the ultimate place for basking in the sun or relaxing in the shade.

Modern Pergola Patio Media Room

For football parties or movie nights, this large flat-screen TV emerges from within the island in the pergola. At the touch of a button, the TV is hidden and the space transforms into a posh lounge.

Luxury Modern Outdoor Shower

This luxurious outdoor shower provides an outlet for a tranquil post-swim rinse-off. The wood-slat walls offer privacy while complementing the backyard ambiance.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen

With all the amenities of an indoor kitchen along with the fresh breeze of the outdoors, this patio includes a wet bar, bar and stools, large grill and separate gas burner to entertain family and friends. Plus, the space is close to the party so the chef can stay involved in the festivities.