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Louvre Pergola

Constructing A Pergola / June 9, 2021

We really are blessed with our climate here in Perth, Western Australia, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors all year round. However the harsh sun does have some sting in it but a Kudos Louvre Roof can give you and your guests light and temperature control you need in your alfresco living area.

An opening roof can be built in a free-standing frame, off of your current building or into any suitable existing structure. The blades rotate through 180° allowing total sun management under the roof. A louvre roofing system is suitable for your pergola, verandah, patio or any new or existing structure outside your home. Imagine sitting outside having a BBQ in the middle of summer with your guests without having to worry about being burnt to a crisp.

Louvre Roofing provides protection from harmful summer sun and maximises winter sun. Creating shade when you need it most and eliminates glare when you want it least. You can save on your cooling and heating costs to help keep your expenses down. Our roof-louvre blade options are designed with style to impress friends and family & engineered for durability, strength & large spans.

Durable powder coated Louvre Roofing systems are available in colours to suit your choice of customisation and withstand the harsh conditions of Western Australia. Every kudos opening roof is waterproof & features its own in-built guttering system and is available as both hand operable & motorised. Both options benefit from the unique kudos “ iDrive innovation” opening system.

Look through the examples of finished louvre roof jobs we have completed here in Perth in the gallery below and now to quote on improving your outdoor living area. Better yet, come in and see one of our showrooms today!

Source: www.solashade.com.au