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How to Make a Pergola Shade Cover?

Constructing A Pergola / January 20, 2016

Bright, turquoise, outdoor art stands out against the light wood patio floors and neutral furniture. An oversized orange umbrella takes the place of a pergola or traditional roof over the patio.

Backyard Meditation Pavilion

This raised backyard pavilion offers a quiet respite from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Sheer fabrics wrap the space in flowing color to provide privacy and sun control.

A Trampoline for Lounging

A trampoline isn't just for kids in this backyard. A cushioned bumper and collection of throw pillows create a great space for lounging.

Old World-Style Courtyard

A retractable awning helps turn this sunny patio into intimate courtyard perfect for alfresco dining.

Tiki Umbrella

This deluxe tropical bar comes complete with a glass-chip countertop, grill, tall tropical trees all topped off with a palm-frond umbrella.

Hanging Gardens

In another landscape design by Jamie Durie, rope netting and hanging plants create lightly dappled shade for a Bohemian-style pergola.

Backyard Teepee

If you're worried about the kids spending too much time in the sun, put one of these in the backyard for a great place to cool off.

Backyard Chaise Lounges

These comfy blue chaise lounges featured in the backyard of the HGTV's Property Brothers offers a spot for relaxing by the pool and courtyard.

Simple Patio Awning

A simple canvas awning can remain out year-round as long as weather conditions permit. Outdoor fabric gives a sense of luxury and softness that helps create an inviting room-like environment.

Stylish, Contemporary Poolside Cabana

A cheery striped awning covers the poolside cabana of this contemporary California home. Woven outdoor furniture is stark and modern, with clean lines and a crisp black-and-white color scheme. Bursts of bright yellow add a stylish touch and pop against the neutral fabrics.

Large Shade Umbrella

This umbrella looks more like a parasail than a way to stay cool. But unlike a parasail, it is securely fastened to the ground so a big wind won't take it away.

Tropical Shade

This plant is a good option for the south or west side of your patio. The hardy banana (Musa basjoo) can grow two feet per week during warm weather, eventually topping out at somewhere between 12 and 18 feet. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 6b, this tropical plant is the hardiest of all the bananas.

Sail-Covered Lounge

A sail-shaped awning helps shade this outdoor living area. The sail not only provides sun protection, it also provides privacy from the watchful eye of the neighbors.

Elegant Estate

Even large country estates need some temporary cover. Just past the conservatory, this elegant patio receives shade from a retractable awning.

Colorful Chairs Under a DIY Canopy

These pink and green Luxembourg chairs are perfect outdoor accessories for this small stone patio that is elevates with color. The striped, makeshift canopy provides shade, makes a bold statement in color and can be removed at the moment's notice when weather is threatening.

Eclectic Covered Outdoor Deck

The large arched canopy protects this outdoor deck from the elements. But it unusual style adds an artsy vibe to this fun backyard.

Overlapping Sails

Spectators of chess game can enjoy watching the game from shaded upper level of the patio thanks to the set of shade canopies.

Movable Cabana

This cozy outdoor retreat offers a comfortable haven, rain or shine. Base neutrals riddled with flashes of color blend with wood tones to create a space that's easy on the eyes.