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Architecture Pergola

Constructing A Pergola / June 13, 2019

A pergola is a larger landscape architecture structure, usually square or rectangular, with more substantial supports and an open patterned flat roof. You can train plants up the supports and across the roof to provide shade during the summer months.

Cider Mill Landscapes can design a pergola for several uses in your Pennsylvania landscape. Although you can use a pergola over a long walkway without any shade, it is more commonly used as an entertaining area with chairs and lounges, or even a dining set. You can use a pergola over a patio or deck to add shade and structure, or you can use it as landscape architecture near flowering plants or a pond.

Custom Arbor Design and Construction

An arbor is a simple small landscape architecture structure that usually has sides of an open pattern, like latticework, and an arched roof. You can train roses, clematis or other flowering vines up and over an arbor for seasonal color, or evergreen vines for year-round interest.

There are several ways to use an arbor in your Pennsylvania landscape. The arched roof makes it ideal as an entrance-way to a path or as an accent over a walkway, where you can enjoy the fragrance of the flowers as you pass by. You could also place an arbor alongside a pathway and add a small bench or swing for a sitting area.

If you allow the vines to completely cover an arbor, you can use it block unsightly items, such as the cooling/heating unit or the trashcans. You can also place two or more arbors around a deck or patio for shade and privacy.